Israkam, The Ever Bright

Titles: The Two as One Whole
Patron to Rebels
Bane of Tyranny
The Ever Bright
Adjective: Israkamic
Home: Sonceto Zem
Portfolio: Sun, Freedom, Bravery, Dreams
Worshipers: Rebels, lovers, poets and good adventurer’s.
Domains: Good, Charm, Liberation, Sun
Favored Weapon: Glaive
Symbol: A stylised sun with a single Glaive and four dove feathers in an x formation laid on top
Sacred Animal: Dove
Sacred Colors: Bright Orange, Gold and Green


Israkam is never a deity to stand on their laurels, the compiled holy book of this deities life reads more like several action novels than a straightforward narrative.They have a rather liberal view point on mortals and in many other deities eyes interfere more than they should. Whenever an artist fears reprisal for their work, it is the impassioned words of Israkam urging them to soldier on, the average peasant protecting their homestead from bandits also finds an ally in the Ever Bright.


Israkam is the fusion of the minor love god Kasa and an ancient war god Israfil. The union is said to have come about one of the pairs many journeys where, on the verge of death whilst fighting the god of tyrants the passion of their shared love fused them into personification of revolution.


Israkam is a gestalt being, created from two long forgotten deities, one of war and of love. Depicted as being taller than most other deities, Israkam’s four arms hold three flaming glaives, the fourth often holds the feather of a dove, with three eyes staring and judging the purity of others. They are depicted often with bright blue and green skin with eyes of ethereal fire. Being made formed from a male and female god, Israkam is androgynous and seems fine with any pronoun used in their name.


Known as a prolific meddler, the gods of Veldt can never claim to be unfamiliar of The Ever Bright, for better or worse.

Astaroth: Israkram despises Astaroth. Lies that are only made to further one’s agenda are the tools of tyrants and abominations. More than once has Israkram foiled one of Astaroth’s plots and more than once has fell prey to his trickery and so keeps an eye or two open for treachery from the Duke of Deceit.

Jesuvid: Jesuvid saddens and disturbs the Ever Bright. While not a supreme fan of the god before his spiral into madness, Israkram pities this sick, old god and has, perhaps unwisely, written him off as not a threat and has even had tea with the god of Madness on his better days. What disturbs the god of the Sun the most is idea that they may, if not careful, suffer the same fate.

Rhosalth: Death is the eternal night of life’s fleeting day. That being said, Israkram is very thankful for the shrewd, stalwart attention to his duty that Rhosalth shows and is often very welcoming to the Boatman when his barge should arrive at the shores of Sonceto Zem.

Sorth: Israkram has a great affection for the dragon lord. The two being gods of good helps, but also his dedication to his followers makes him a kindred soul to the ever compassionate god of the Sun. Often, it is said, that sun breaking for pouring rain is Israkram comforting their friend as he weeps for his lost children.

Tytimar: Being the Bane of Tyranny, it’s no surprise that Israkram finds a mortal enemy in Tytimar. Cheif rivals of opposing spheres, their most well known battles are told within the age of piety. More than any other god, Israkram opposes all that Tytimar hopes to achieve and encourages their followers to do the same.

Xanthe: Caution and a wary sense of pity chart most of Israkram’s interactions with the Stinging Briar. While Israkram does not approve of lust for lust’s sake, he recognizes Xanthe’s importance and power and has times acted (or atleast attempt to act without her notice) as a mentor to the young godess, their lesson’s often coming in the bets of Love vs Hate, Lust vs Compassion, Envy vs Kindess.

Yulaxis: While the Ever Bright has no master, if one being has their ear and reverence above all others, it is Yulaxis. The rebel god recognizes him as the fight they can never win, nor should they want to.


The wilting flower that finds the resolve to bloom when it should have shrivelled, the feathers of white where no bird is to be found, the heady feel of true loves first kiss or finding the correct words to secure one’s relationship, a flight of doves that part the blackening sky.


Israkram’s host contains many servants, but the most common lie within the Angels and Azata that both defend and enrich Sonceto Zem with light and music. By and large, Israkram organises their legion’s mostly with their Angelic servants, using their Azata’s as the maintainers of their realms prosperity, however, many Azata still fill the ranks of the elite guard. It has been known that messengers of the Ever Bright have been sent to assist worthy hero’s, Angelic arbiters to his more martial devout and Azata to the heroes that require a muse to either rise up, find happiness or both.

Church of Israkam

The organisation of the Israkramite church is often dependant on the region and even then, no two churches can ever be said to have a standardised form. From spartan affairs that train the body and embolden the righteous soul to grand works of passion and reverence for the sun, the devout of the Everbright never can be said to take have measures in showing their devotion. Worship is most strongly felt within the months of Spring and Summer where the Sun holds the most reign. The festival of One Whole takes place throughout the entirety of Midsummer with many Israkramite’s putting on fairs, feasts and festivals throughout the month for their respective communities, sharing with them the love that birthed their diety. No one is excluded from these events, with missionaries caring for the sick and needy so they may too enjoy the festivities.


Many devout of the Ever Bright become warriors of irrepressible good and guile, giving their compassion in the form of a blade to defend the innocent. Some, however, rise above even these calls, becoming the elite paladin core of the Israkramite military arm, the Sunsworn Company. Formally founded in response to the March of the Divine Nemesis, the Company became a formidable symbol of mortal born defiance to Emperor Thaddius’ mad agenda. A Sunsworn Sibling is not truly tied to any one particular outpost/church and instead sworn to every church and the fortress monastery of Brightstone Keep, where the main bulk of the organisation is found. Small in number compared to the scores of clerics and fighters, the Company focus on making each of themselves a hero of tremendous skill and power, often becoming commanders and elite’s in the armies (mostly rebel ones with good intentions) they find themselves in. Currently, the elven paladin Valvyre Shafina holds the title of Grand Luminary of Brightstone keep, and has done so with distinction for 100 years.

The thieves guild’s of Velt feel they can take what they wish with no reprisal, that they can trample the downtrodden with no hint of consequence, much like the nobles they steal from and report to despise. The vultures however do not see that some of their number do not take part in the scavenging as eagerly, that a charitable soul lay beneath the dark leathers, that some of their vultures are infact Scarlet Doves.
The Scarlet Doves have no recorded history outside their ranks and no formal connection to the church of the Ever Bright, but act as dashing rebels and rogues that still from the corrupt and give to the deserving. Made of up those sickened by the brutality of the thieves guilds, vagabonds and other good souls, The Scarlet Doves are self proclaimed heroes to the people, infiltrating criminal organisations and returning wealth to the many, disgracing vile nobles and uplifting righteous ones and many more activities that further the cause of good and charity, but prehaps lay outside what many would call lawful.

Israkam, The Ever Bright

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