Rhosalth, The Boatman

Titles: The Reaper
The Boatman
Gatherer of Souls
The Jailer
Adjective: Rhosalthian
Realm: The Netherworld
Portfolio: Death
Worshipers: Morticians, Ferrymen, Undertakers, Travelers, Gravediggers
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Repose, Travel, Water
Favored Weapon: Greatclub
Symbol: A gold coin with a skull on it.
Sacred Animal: Raven
Sacred Colors: Dark Grey, Red

Rhsoalth is the god of death and travelers, who ferries and protects souls along the River Styx. He sets out on his godly barge from his port of call in the Netherworld to bring souls before all of the realms, so that each god in turn may pass judgement on it. He is also known to protect the living travelers as well.


Rhosalth dictates that all deaths are sacred. He makes no qualms about murder, but doesn’t encourage his followers to engage in death for death’s sake, rather he posits that it is the primary duty of his followers to strike down undead; abominations that disrupt the travel of souls to their resting place.




Rhosalth is most often described as an aged man with skeletal hands. Clothed in a simple dark grey robe, tied around the waist with hemp rope, and a lantern swinging from the make ship belt.




Church of Rhosalth


Rhosalth, The Boatman

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